Thursday, December 8, 2011

TouchDown on ICS

Now that ICS is available, and devices are shipping, thought i would write a bit about TouchDown on ICS devices. There is a fair amount of confusion about what version of touchdown should be used on ICS devices. ICS can run on smartphones as well as tablets.
There are two flavors of TouchDown in the Android Market
1. TouchDown For Smartphones (optimized for phone form factors)
2. TouchDown HD For Tablets (Optimized for tablet form factors)

After playing with both versions on the Galaxy Nexus, i am leaning towards using TouchDown For Smartphones on the device. The main reason is that the TouchDown HD For Tablets, being a honeycomb build takes up a sizeable chunk at the top of the screen to show the action bar, which does not really add much value to the application except provide a way to access the menu options. However, If you run TouchDown for Smartphones on the Galaxy Nexus, the menu would be accessible from a button which looks like a ":" at the bottom right of the screen. I find that wasting a whole row for the menu options was not really worth it.

Tablet mode Screen Display Please note also that when run on the Galaxy Nexus, the TouchDown for Smartphone version will by default open into a split screen view after you restart the application after the first configuration. If you find yourself opening the app into tablet mode, you can go to settings and under advanced tab, check ON the "Disable Tablet Mode" setting.

While the device has a high resolution, it doesnt really have enough surface area to display usable information in this format. To fix this, we are updating version 7.1.009b (this is beta still) to detect physical screen sizes less than 5" when running quick configuration, and automatically turn on the "Disable Tablet Mode" option in the advanced tab of settings.

Here are some screenshots of how the two versions look. To get this exact look and feel, note that you should TURN OFF the "Disable tablet mode option" in the last tab of settings. Tablet mode will be disabled automatically on the device since these views are not ideal.

First is a sample screenshot of TouchDown HD for Tablets showing the split screen view. Note that gray bar on the top plus the navigation tabs which take up too much space.

Here is how the TouchDown for SmartPhones app shows up on the device. Note the : symbol at the far right bottom. Thats the menu button. Also note that these screens are captured using the Black Theme. Read below to see how to set themes.

This is the email list in split screen mode.

Same thing viewed horizontally

Calendar Viewed Horizontally

Now, the classic main touchdown screen, this is the screen you will be normally greeted with after configuration.

Switching Themes
If you want to change the themes on the touchdown main screens and the list views, you can open settings and tap on the Select Theme option shown in the image below.

Note about the DeviceType change in the next version.
In the next version of TouchDown, we are changing the default device type reported to Exchange from "Android" to "Touchdown".  While this will not affect an already configured device, if you uninstall and reinstall or reconfigure the device from a clean state, the new string will be reported to the server. Admins can now use that string to better identify TouchDown in Exchange Server ABQ settings.

 Screen Capture Security Hole : We think it is dangerous to let android let you accidentally capture your email screen to the SD card if you happen to hold the volume down and the power button for about a second. Hence, we have put in some measures to ensure that if your security policies have PIN or data encryption or SD card encryption enabled, you cannot accidentally take screenshots of the touchdown screens that display potentially sensitive information. We have verified this on ICS.

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Joey said...

In ICS on the Galaxy Nexus, there is no option to send a Touchdown email from the People default actions screen. I can call a contact or send an email using the standard email app but not send an email in Touchdown Can this be fixed?